Houston. TX. Laura Rathe Fine Art (LRFA) is proud to announce Mother Earth, a reflective dual exhibition of renowned artists Meredith Pardue and Lucrecia Waggoner. The opening reception will be held Sunday, April 7th from 12-4pm at our River Oaks District gallery (4444 Westheimer Rd). 


Meredith Pardue and Lucrecia Waggoner will be in attendance.  With nature at the root of Pardue’s oeuvre, Mother Earth showcases a selection of paintings that embody our intrinsic relationship with nature and the desire to mirror and harmonize with the beauty of the natural world. Through her stylized language of abstraction, she captures an ethereal understanding of the rhythmic patterns and movements that are constantly occurring around us and extends her artistic exploration to the interaction each has with one another.  


Taking inspiration from organic forms and patterns found in nature, Lucrecia Waggoner's porcelain installations featured in Mother Earth are a testament to the profound connection between artistry and the natural world. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Waggoner's creations emerge from the very essence of the earth itself, drawn forth in the form of clay. Each vessel embodies a harmonious fusion of human ingenuity and the raw, primal beauty of the earth's elements. Through her skilled hands, the pliable clay is transformed into vessels of delicate elegance, capturing the essence of nature's grace and strength. With a deep reverence for the materials she works with, Waggoner channels the earth's energy into her art, creating porcelain masterpieces that resonate with timeless beauty and the enduring spirit of creation.


Mother Earth will be on display through May 6th, 2024.


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